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‘2021 Ray of Hope Prize’ Calls For Applications


The applications due date is November 20, 2020.

Dailycsr.com – 30 October 2020 – The Ray C. Anderson Foundation invites for applications to be submitted for the “2021 Ray of Hope Prize” which is organised in collaboration with the Biomimicry Institute. The annual price money is” $100,000” which is given to the “top nature-inspired startup”. The applications due date is November 20, 2020.
It is an attempt of the Ray of Hope Prize to bring the start-ups and entrepreneurs alike who use biomimicry to “solve major environmental and sustainability challenges” into the lime light. Here are some of the names of the past recipients of the awards as mentioned the Ray C. Anderson Foundation’s press release:
“ECOncrete Tech (Israel, 2020), Watchtower Robotics (USA, 2019), and Nucleário (Brazil, 2018)”.
In the words of the Chief Executive as well as the Co-Founder of ECOncrete, Shimrit Perkol-Finkel:
“The Ray of Hope Prize program was a source for optimism and growth that really challenged us to think about a healthier and more resilient future, especially in this difficult COVID-19 period. The program drove us to think about ECOncrete’s mission as a biomimicry leader and about ways to spread the value of integrating biomimicry principles in different disciplines and processes in working toward achieving greater sustainability.”
From the entries up to ten finalists will be selected who will be taken under expert guidance and training for “science communication storytelling” while they will also get to interact with various “corporate and investment leaders”. While, the executive director of Georgia based “The Nature Conservancy”, Deron Davis:
“Driven by science, The Nature Conservancy is working around the world to tackle climate change and protect healthy oceans, freshwater, and lands. Likewise, through the Ray of Hope Prize, the Biomimicry Institute is recognizing and rewarding the scientific innovations needed to address the most pressing planetary challenges. Ray C. Anderson left behind a legacy of environmental sustainability that his family is continuing for their home state of Georgia and beyond.”
For further information on “2021 Ray of Hope Prize” or to apply for the same, kindly click on the link given below: