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iSeal’s workshop aims to shape Code of Best Practices to achieve sustainability goals


Join this interactive online workshop to learn more on Code of Best Practices to achieve optimal performance of sustainability systems.

How can sustainability standards and similar systems provide solutions to sustainability challenges?

The ISEAL Code of Best Practice provides a globally recognized framework for defining practices for sustainable, efficient and reliable systems.

Currently, ISEAL is reviewing the impact, standard setting and warranty codes and consolidating them into a single code of best practice. By strengthening the requirements for impact strategy and performance monitoring and expanding the content to address changes in due diligence, assurance requirements and good governance, the Code will better enable sustainability systems to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

In a workshop, ISEAL aims to challenge Codex and shape the future performance of our sustainability systems to support the needs of businesses from multinationals to small producers. It focuses on understanding the fundamentals of a robust sustainability system, how to help companies achieve their sustainability goals, and how to respond to changes in the sustainability environment.

The workshop - Building a sustainability system to achieve sustainability goals, will be held on October 13 between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM IST