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eSAT: Henkel's Employee Sustainability Action Team Drives Sustainable Culture


Henkel's eSAT is focused on fostering a culture of sustainability within the company by encouraging employees and stakeholders to live their best lives while minimizing their impact on the environment.

The team has been successful in engaging employees in sustainable practices and communicating Henkel's sustainability efforts across North America. Started in 2020, the eSAT has provided several educational opportunities and resources for employees to learn and participate in sustainable actions.

One of their biggest events is the annual Move to Plant Trees Challenge, where employees log activities to support Henkel's commitment to planting trees in North America. The eSAT also hosts sustainability events and panels, including Earth Day events with guest speakers. The team encourages employee participation in Sustainability Pioneer Training and promotes sustainability activities and community engagement through toolkits sent to regional offices.

The eSAT's ultimate goal is to bring all employees on Henkel's sustainability journey to achieve the milestones set out in their 2030+ Sustainability Ambition. Learn more about Henkel's sustainability efforts and ambition framework inspired by their purpose as pioneers at heart for the good of generations.