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Zendesk Neighbour Foundation promotes greater growth in its communities


By donating $100,000 to St. Anthony’s Tenderloin Technology Lab, Zendesk Neighbourhood Foundation is positively promulgating its CSR efforts and building better, stronger and healthier communities.

In order to expand its social commitments, be a good neighbour and also lay the groundwork for its long term CSR initiatives, Zendesk Inc. announced that its sister concern, Zendesk Neighbour Foundation, has donated $100,000 to St. Anthony’s Tenderloin Technology Lab.

Located in San Francisco, Zendesk Neighbour Foundation provides strategic and financial support to organisations who are committed to neighbourhood renewals. It does this philanthropic work not just where it is headquartered but in all of the 10 neighbourhoods where its offices are located, spanning the entire globe.

It works in redressing neighbourhood issues related healthcare, poverty and homelessness, it relentlessly works towards improving education in the neighbourhood and actively promotes gender equality, technical literary and workforce deployment.

“Growing up as a tech company in the Mid-Market neighbourhood of San Francisco has taught us the meaning and importance of being a good neighbour,” said Mikkel Svane, Zendesk’s CEO and founder. “We believe in forging real relationships with our customers, our partners and our local community. The foundation extends the community involvement we developed in our headquarters to the neighborhoods around the world where we’re rooted.”

As a recognition of its outstanding work, the foundation will continue to receive additional funding. Furthermore, in addition to its first year’s subscription, Zendesk will contribute $1 per month for every new net agent sold across its paid subscription service plans and live chat products.

Since 2012, for every Entry-Level Starter Subscription Plan sold, Zendesk has earmarked the revenue generated out of this sale for its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. In this manner, Zendesk has linked its growth to engage and uplift the local community.

Barry Stenger, Executive Director of St. Antony’s Tenderloin Technology Lab was “ … proud to call Zendesk a long-term neighbour and partner. This gift will support St. Anthony’s Tenderloin Tech Lab to provide more education, more classes, and more coaching to people in this community who are hungry for this knowledge. We look forward to continuing our work together to bring more help and hope to those in need here in the San Francisco community.”