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Zambia Creates World’s First ‘Carbon Neutral National Park’


In the forested land of Africa, eco-tourism just got another boost with the success of Zambia’s carbon neutral park project.

Dailycsr.com – 18 January 2016 – Four different organisations, namely BioCarbon Partners, USAID Community Forests Program, Conservation Lower Zambezi, came together to present to the world the first ever “carbon neutral national park” located at Zambia.
In order to create arrive at this feat of green achievement, the involved organisations worked hard in collaboration with the “Lower Zambezi National Park”. Likewise, the managing director of the BioCarbon Partners, Hassan Sachedina, stresses on the significance of the operation. Moreover, he also mentions that carbon neutral parks could become a prototype for future tourism and park operators around the world, whereby promoting the green endeavour of “eco-tourism” and raising the bar for the same.
Quoting Sachedina’s comments:
“The achievement of the first carbon neutral park from operations in the world is significant. This broad-based partnership will hopefully pave the way for other parks and tourism operators in the world to become carbon neutral, raising the bar of what “eco-tourism” means.
"Moreover, it shows that if small family-owned businesses in Africa are taking responsibility for their emissions, it should inspire the confidence of Fortune 500 companies to invest in developing the carbon markets through projects with significant conservation and poverty reduction co-benefits”.