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Yum! Brands Inc. Presents the Supplier Diversity Awards


So as to boost productivity and recognise diversity and inclusive growth in Supply Chain Management, Yum! Brands, who has globally recognisable brands, such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, in its brand basket, presents the Supplier Diversity Award.

At BAMA’s Supply Chain Awards, Yum! Brands Inc. presented its first ever Supplier Diversity Award to ‘The BAMA Companies’ Inc. This is in recognition of its demonstrative inclusive leadership in the supply chain industry.
Created to honour suppliers who demonstrate significant leadership in the areas of inclusion and diversity, the Supplier Diversity Award is indicative of sound supply chain practices.
For more than two decades BAMA, has been a valued and a leading supplier of quality baked goods to Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. BAMA is led by a team of women who have consistently demonstrated strong commitments to diversity and inclusive efforts in BAMA.
“We believe it’s critical to reflect the community’s diversity in all that we do, including our supply chain. I’m pleased to recognize BAMA with our first Supplier Diversity Award for their outstanding contributions to our business, and for demonstrating that diversity and inclusion is a business imperative,” said Yum! Brands’ Chief Executive Officer, Greg Creed.
Here are a few of its diversity and inclusion initiatives :
  • Hosted by James Fripp, Senior Director of Yum! Global Diversity and Inclusion and facilitated by Howard J. Ross, author and founder on culture, leadership and innovation, together they host a training program titled ‘Unconscious Bias Training’. Those employees who have attended this workshop become better at their job; they are taught to reflect on their actions and to spot bias in their thought process; in time they are able to figure out how their unconscious mind causes bias, they can then acknowledge and understand it and then negate it so that it does not affect their decision making process.
  • Offers a Minority Lending Program so as to diversify its franchises and so that the franchises can further have access to more capital, provided they meet its qualification standards.
  • Nurtures an Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) program which caters to the interest of: LGBT Professionals, Multicultural Professionals, Young Professionals, International Professionals and Women Professionals. Additional ERGs are dynamically created as and when the need for them arises.
  • In order to raise awareness regarding the importance of understanding different cultures, the criticality of inclusion, and recognize the uniqueness of the background and the cross cultural ethnicity of Yum!’s employees globally.
About Yum Brands Inc.
Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Yum! Brands Inc. has more than 41,000 restaurants spanned across 125 territories and countries. It is a global brand that ranks #216 on the Fortune 500 List of companies who have a gross turnover of more than $13 billion a year.

Last year, Yum! Brands Inc. was chosen and named as one of the ‘Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders’ in the entire North America. The Company's brands of restaurants include, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. These are globally recognised brands in the pizza, chicken and the Mexican styled food categories.

Outside of the U.S, the Yum! Brands opens more than five new restaurants per day on average, which makes it a leader in the international retail development.