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Yo-YoDesk Risers Optimises Health Conditions At Work


Keep yourself fit and be conscious of your health even during your desk jobs.

Dailycsr.com – 20 May 2016 – Now one can buy desk riser that can be easily installed at an available price. The said offer has been brought forward by Sit-Stand.Com.
The said company has introduced the range of “Yo-YoDesk”, a revolutionary desk risers’ range that ensures “a simple transition between sitting and standing for optimal healthy working”.
The new desk risers’ range comes in three different widths “119cm, 89cm or 68cm” and is available either in black or white in colour. Below is a list of Yo-YoDesk ranges’ offers at an “introductory price” of “£166 plus VAT” and provides two years warranty period:
  • Height extension: 50cm (desktop); 36cm (split level for keyboard)
  • Unique patented gas spring: exceptionally smooth height adjustment (15 levels)
  • Switch from sitting to standing in three seconds