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Xylem Volunteers Engages Students Into Clean Water Education


Xylem Watermark’s employee engagement programme continues to motivate its employees to reach out to the community and stress on the importance of access to clean water.

Dailycsr.com – 21 December 2017 – One of Xylem’s volunteers’ groups marked the “second annual Global Month of Service” under Xylem Watermark by visiting “St. Cassian School” located in “Montclair, NJ” and helped the students with the education of clean water importance.
Throughout the day, the team carried out various activities to achieve their education goal, whereby they tested the water at Verona Park along with “the fifth and sixth grade students”, while the Kindergarten students took part in a “water filtration activity”.
Moreover, the volunteers got an opportunity to “engage” the students into various processes involved to clean water, while they also interacted with “teachers and parents at the school” besides introducing the “community to the Xylem Watermark program”.