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World Calls Out To The Global Leaders For Collaboration Against COVID-19 Battle


People from all over the world have urged the world leaders to come together making a history in the battle against the virus.

Dailycsr.com – 27 November 2020 – Global Citizen is working 24/7 to contain the impact caused by the ongoing pandemic, while effective tests as well as vaccine development are being carried out all over the world yet the global leaders need to collaborate in order to distribute them across the globe.
Global Citizens from forty-three countries spread across the globe have urged the world leaders to come together making a history in the battle against the virus. The call was sent out through a “powerful short video”. People from the U.S. to Ghana have proven that borders can’t stop people from coming together to create a better place.
Last weekend, the G20 leaders met for strategizing battle plan against COVID-19, the Global Citizen made an effort to create a “wave of tweet actions” to convey the message to the leaders through the film. If there are uneven distribution of COVID-19 vaccine, for example if the “wealthy countries stockpile” it, then the world is likely to experience double the number of deaths in comparison to the situation where vaccines get equally shared across the globe.
The only way out of this is to collaborate and provide everyone with equal support through “Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator”, in short ACT-A, which is a global team that works to ensure access of “tests, treatments and vaccines” to everyone. Nevertheless, they can’t achieve the same without the support from the governments.
Urging the world to raise its voice, Global Citizens said:
“We are all Global Citizens. Help raise up the voices in our movement from across the globe — together we can make history”.