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Women owned micro businesses jumped during pandemic


According to new GoDaddy data, the proportion of British microbusinesses owned by women has increased during the cost-of-living crisis and since the outbreak of the pandemic.
According to research conducted among microbusiness owners, the gender split is 38% female, 60% male, and 2% non-binary. However, in businesses founded since 2020, the gender split is 47% female vs 52% male, and in businesses founded in the last 12 months, the gender split is 46% female vs 53% male.

However, according to GoDaddy's 'Unstoppable Women' study, female founders face different challenges than their male counterparts.

While 78% of female entrepreneurs believe that owning a business rather than working for someone else provides more opportunities for women, many still face pressures outside of work. Over four-fifths of female business owners (82%) say they are responsible for the majority of domestic household duties, while 44% say childcare costs and expectations are a barrier to female entrepreneurship. Almost half (46%) of GoDaddy survey respondents said they have children under the age of 18.

In general, set-up costs (52%) and time commitments (48%) were identified as the most significant barriers to women starting a business, despite the fact that 72% of female founders started their business for less than £1,000.

Catherine Sweet, founder of Bobcat Gallery, is one GoDaddy customer who has overcome adversity to establish a thriving microbusiness.

“Caring responsibilities towards members of my family held me back from starting my own business for a long time. I was always passionate about making art buying more inclusive and affordable while showcasing emerging artists, but while being a career I could never find the time, resources or mental space. When my situation changed and my former employer went through a restructure, I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my dream. Working with GoDaddy, I was able to easily launch the Bobcat Gallery website, which has enabled me to grow my business and establish credibility in the art world,” said Tamara Oppen, GoDaddy Vice President.
She went on to add, “Women want to start businesses and become entrepreneurs, but too often they face barriers which prevent them from doing so. However, the rise in flexible working patterns and working from home has made it easier to fit in running a microbusiness alongside other commitments. At GoDaddy, we pride ourselves on helping all entrepreneurs thrive, and ahead of International Women’s Day, we are saluting women like Catherine who are achieving great success against the odds. They really are unstoppable.”