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Without Compatible Protection Workers Cannot Perform Well With Safety


JSP pays attention to its workers’ safety while ensuring their comfort.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2017 – PPE users in their work environment often needs adequate protection, whereby the common practice is to combine “head and hearing protection”. However, the compatibility of these protective gear determines the quality of the work being done by the wearer.
As a result, JSP offer a “range of Sonis Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders” with an unbeatable peaking record of “SNR of 36”. It has “adjustable steel arms” enabling the wearer to “tilt and adjust the position of the cup” to provide excellent fitting over the ear.
The special design of the product makes it work environment compatible, whereby it goes with “company’s Evo range of industrial head protection”. While HSE adds:
“The defenders easily attach and detach from the universal slot of JSP helmets and, through rigorous testing, JSP guarantees that correct SNRs are reached when worn with the EVOlite, EVO2, EVO3, Global Standard EVO5 Olympus Helmet and Skyworker Helmet”.