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“Wildflower Trails of Mississippi” Begins To Bloom


Visitors and the residents will get to behold the blooming wilderness of Mississippi.

Dailycsr.com – 12 August 2016 – Mississippi’s natural makes the river “well known”, while over recent years the natural flora along the Mississippi is being threatened. Likewise, native wildflowers of that region are losing their habitats while invasive plants are gaining the territory.
There has an attempt made by the “Keep Mississippi Beautiful” organisation an affiliate of “Keep America Beautiful”, whereby the organisation plans on transforming “its public spaces into beautiful places”. In order to achieve the same, KMB has launched a project titled “Wildflower Trails of Mississippi” at Keep America Beautiful’s the “Great American Cleanup” event for the year of 2015.
It has been over a year now that Wildflower Trails of Mississippi has worked with several volunteers as well as community partners, whereby the project has begun to take shape. As a result, the volunteers have planted seeds to make the visitors alike residents appreciate the fragrance and the beauty of the wildflowers besides offering a treat to the pollinators. Moreover, the said project falls well in line with other beautification initiatives taken up by KMB in various parts of the state, whereby complementing the rest.
While, the Ethicalperformance also adds:
“Keep America Beautiful conducts its National Planting Day on the first Saturday after Labor Day each September with community-based activities happening throughout the month”.