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Wholesum Harvest Receives Another Fair Trade Certificate For Arizonian Farm


Remembering the farmers who produce our food and becoming the first U.S. “produce grower” to get Fair Trade certification.

Dailycsr.com – 31 March 2017 – When we consider out staple food, we also count in vegetables and fruits, as a result of which we often forget to acknowledge the former behind a tomato, a pineapple or grapes who worker within our community is also person who has his own family.
It has been many years now that “Wholesum Harvest” has two “Fair Trade Certified” located in Mexico. While, Ethical Performance reports:
In late 2016 Wholesum received certification for a third operation in Amado, Arizona. The Amado farm is the first produce grower in the U.S. to earn Fair Trade certification, extending the benefits of Fair Trade to hundreds of farmworkers and their families”.