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WheelRight’s ‘Drive-Through Tire Safety Station’ Features New ‘SideWall Reading’


The newly introduced sidewall reading at the safety station of WheelRight, provides the driver with customised “critical information”.

Dailycsr.com – 25 June 2018 – In a joint venture, the “The Ray and WheelRight” improved the “WheelRight drive-through tire safety station” which now includes “tire sidewall reading”. Earlier, the “WheelRight system” was equipped for reading “tire pressure and tread depth” but with the additional features it now contains “all the critical information” required for tire description and for identifying “a suitable replacement”.
This additional feature will enable drivers to get the above mentioned information for their specific vehicle. In this manner, the drivers can find out the remaining “usable life” of the tire and the location for a “suitable replacement”.
While, the “Ray C. Anderson Foundation” informs that:
“The tire sidewall reader is comprised of two towers adjacent to the side of the vehicle in which cameras and lights are housed. As a vehicle passes through, the lights and cameras are triggered, capturing up to 20 images of the rotating tire. Within seconds, these images are subsequently processed using sophisticated computer imaginhgg software to automatically ‘read’ the information embossed on the side of the tire. This data will include the name of the manufacturer and the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) code”.
There are over “40,000” annual deaths of drivers who meet with fatal accidents on the highways and roads of the U.S., the said figure shows a 20% rise in comparison to 2011’s respective figures. The data of U.S. DOT indicates “underinflated tires” to be one of the causes that result in fatal crashes. According to the “International Tire and Rubber Association” underinflation of tires is “single most common” reasons for “tire failure”.
The Founder as well as the President of The Ray, Harriet Langford said:
“Saving lives is the most important thing we can do on The Ray, the WheelRight system couldn’t be easier to use, and it keeps us safe while reducing vehicle-related pollution. By reading the tires’ sidewalls, we’re giving drivers more information that is even easier to understand so that they can make decisions that are good for their safety and good for their wallets. Now that’s a win-win.”
While, the executive director of The Ray, Allie Kelly added:
“We’ve had WheelRight installed for over a year, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive - and we’re just one installation. Imagine the impact of tire safety stations across the country at freight depots, school bus parking lots, and bus transit systems!”
And the WheelRight’s Founder, John Catling said:
“Yet again, The Ray is the first in the USA to showcase our next development on the road to achieving Drive Thru tire check. The addition of our tire sidewall reader will allow us to develop further safety critical tire information to alert drivers of damaged tire sidewalls. The Ray is a vitally important project as it provides drivers at the Visitor Information Center with a unique opportunity to use this new environmental technology before it becomes more generally available.”