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Well Fargo EGS – Philippines raises Php 200,000 for charity


Well Fargo Enterprise Global Services (EGS) LLC – Philippines, is a subsidiary of Well Fargo Bank, N.A, whose core business is of providing business processing services to US customers on behalf of its parent company. With volunteerism running high, it has been outdoing itself vis-à-vis in fundraising activities for charitable purposes, every year.

Having had a very successful Fundraising Week Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services, LLC – Philippines, formerly known as Wells Fargo Philippines Solutions Inc, announced that it has raised more than Php 200,00, which will go to serve many of its beneficiaries, such as Taguig’s Kapitan Jose Cardones Elementary School. The funds were raised by team members when they provided services in exchange for donations to their colleagues at Well Fargo EGS offices.

It is not surprising that the Kapitaine Jose Cardones Elementary School is a beneficiary, since Well Fargo EGS – Philippines has had a long standing partnership and association with the institution. 

Vishnupriya Saksena, Well Fargo EGS-Philippine’s head of Corporate Sustainability explained, “We have a robust annual calendar of community programs. What makes Fundraising Week unique is the fact that it gets our team members involved in a fun way for a social cause. We initiated this event in 2013, with the objective of raising money for the government school that we support throughout the year.”

Since 2013, the Fundraising Week has become a yearly event thanks to its popularity. Typically its atmosphere is charged with festivity and there is a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm throughout the organisation.

“Our objective is to get our team members involved in a fun way for a social cause. Driven by the spirit to give for a cause that is close to our hearts, our team members come up with very creative ways of generating funds. While it makes significant impact on the communities we live in, the week-long event also strengthens the commitment of our team members to give back to the community we are part of,” said Saksena.

With every passing year, the magnitude and scope of Fundraising Week surpassed the other. For example, in 2014, Fundraising Week collected more than Php 100,000, and this year, the collection more than doubled. In Well Fargo EGS– Philippines, Fundraising Week has since long been seen as a platform for showcasing team member’s talents which otherwise would lie dormant, unused and undiscovered. It is also a commitment that showcases Well Fargo EGS’s commitment towards volunteerism. 

Well Fargo EGS has a tradition of volunteerism, in 2014 its team members have volunteered, globally, more than 1.7 million hours in 10 countries around the world. This year, services rendered by volunteers included culinary efforts, pre-loved items and song requests.

Funds raised from this occasion were handed over to its partners and NGOs and will be used for various activities such as improving libraries, constructing new bookshelves, making classroom screens, etc.