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Well Fargo & Company revitalises Tucson’s neighbourhood through its $500,000 grant


So as to promote education, increase the number of home-owners, beautify and revitalise the neighbourhood, Wells Fargo & Co has provided Tucson’s Mayor with a $500,000 grant.

One of America’s leading community banks as well as its largest home mortgage lender, Wells Fargo & Company, announced the donation of $500,000 to seven local non-profit organisations, so as to revitalise and strengthen Tuccon neighbourhoods. The sum will be disbursed to them vide the Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT® program.

In order to narrow down and select the list of potential recipients, Tucson’s Mayor Jonathan Rothschild worked in close collaboration with Wells Fargo & Company. Together they have identified 5 keys areas in Tucson’s neighbourhood that could do with some immediate improvements. They are, education and workforce programs, neighbourhood improvements and beautifications, food access programs and economic growth and support services for the homeless.

Well Fargo’s $500,000 grant will be distributed as follows:
•    Community Food Bank of Southern AZ – $25,000 has been allocated so as to provide nutrition and help Tucson residents overcome poverty and hunger.

•    $50,000 will go to provide support and housing assistance to senior citizens so that they can remain in the comfort of their homes for as long as that is possible.

•    $50,000 will be utilised to beautify the neighbourhood as well as to create environmental stewardship programs which will make the neighbourhood not only more liveable but safer as well.

•    $75,000 will be utilised for education and to support the Career Yes workforce development program.

•    Old Pueblo Community Services - $100,000 will be utilised to provide a permanent housing facilities for homeless veterans.

•    Our Family Services  - $100,000 for developing permanent housing facilities for homeless adults who
come from different backgrounds of neglect and severe abuse.

•    Pima Community College Foundation - $100,000 for the development and education of a workforce.

Through these programs, Wells Fargo & Company plan to revitalise neighbourhood and assist prospective buyers buy affordable housing by making the cost of such acquisitions more affordable. Since this program begain in 2012, it has enabled more than 9,300 people to become home-owners in 34 different communities.

“Wells Fargo is the leading mortgage lender in Arizona and we are proud to support our communities to help ensure a thriving and healthy community base. The non-profits are actively leading efforts to help strengthen neighbourhoods, address homelessness, and promote jobs and education programs, and we are excited to help support their tremendous efforts with the Neighbourhood LIFT program local initiatives funds,” said John Gibson, Wells Fargo’s Greater Southern Arizona Area President.

Jonathon Rothschild, Tucson’s mayor chipped in saying “Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT program has already helped to boost homeownership and reduce the inventory of vacant houses. These grants will further help to improve our community by supporting services that build our city up, creating a more promising future for Tucsonans.”