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Webisodes To Educate Children About Autism


Bluebee TeeVee is an innovative webisodes’ venture wherein the children will be educated in a playful manner about autistic children so that they learn how to behave with them and not to bully, scorn or spurn them.

Webisodes To Educate Children About Autism
Dailycsr.com – 20 August 2015 – In order to help autistic children overcome their weakness, the Geek Club Book, Kayle Concepts and Q.S.A.C or the “Quality Services for the Autism Community” will be launching a project named “Bluee TeeVee”. It is an endeavour to educate the “non-autistic peers” about autism, so that they do not treat the latter with disrespect and accept them like any other kids.
These educative sessions are designed to reach out to children through “webisodes” wherein children will be exposed to “important autism-related topics” like how to communicate with an autistic kid, make friendship with them, how important is not to bully them, moreover, also to keep in mind certain safety measures.
Almost seventy autistic kids out of hundred get bullied by their peers which push them into a state of “emotional trauma”, revealed a study conducted by “Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network”, which has the world’s largest date collection on autism. The said project involved people from forty seven different states.
However, Geek is a charitable organisation that funds projects on autism. The founder of “Geek Club Books” Jodi Murphy says:
“Schools are entering the era of the inclusion model, where all students, even those with disabilities, learn and participate in the classroom together. There are still stigmas and the public’s lack of understanding surrounding autism. We’re working to end that through creative educational programs.”
Aspergers Syndrome will be accompanied by two Geek Club Books’ members, James Sullivan and Jonathan Murphy, in designing the webisodes. The trio will be seen writing, performing and filming the same. The C.E.O of Kayle Concepts, Laura Jiencke, who also created “the Bluetooth®-enabled Bluebee Pals plush toy companions”, seemed quite enthusiastic about this project. She exclaimed:
“I can’t think of a better way for children to learn about autism than from those who are on the autism spectrum”.
The will also receive a combined push, whereby the mission of “Geek Club Books” will form its base while with the help of “Bluebee Pal plush toy companions” the characterizations will be able to establish concrete impressions. In Murphy’s words:
“Bluebee TeeVee is going to be a great way to captivate kids’ attention and make a human connection to autism. Think quirky Mr. Rogers with his Bluebee Pal sidekick having a friendly chat about autism.”
Each script of Bluebee TeeVee, which is scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2015, will be scrutinised by Q.S.A.C which is based at New York and Long Island. Consequently, Q.S.A.C will be fulfilling the role of a content advisor, alongside developing “episode guides for parents and teachers”. The executive director of Q.S.A.C, Gary Maffei adds:
“QSAC has a long and rewarding history of collaborating with others on the development of resources to support the autism community. We are very pleased to be working with Kayle Concepts and Geek Club Books on Bluebee TeeVee and we’re confident it will be a valuable free educational video series for families affected by autism.”