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Waterborne Solvent Sustainably Paints The Environment


“Waterborne China Platform” sees success in reducing the atmospheric concentration of “Volatile Organic Compounds”.

Dailycsr.com – 21 June 2019 – Global trade cannot be complete without shipping containers which is majorly involved in moving goods securely across the world. For a long time, these containers used to be manufactured in China and painted with “solvent-heavy coatings”. This practice became injurious to the local communities’ health as it would release “high concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds” in the atmosphere.
As a result, these toxins would cause various issues like “sick building syndrome” as well as formation of smog. However, in a turn of recent development, DSM is helping the “local container manufacturers” to embrace a new and “healthier approach” to this problem. DSM is a “leading supplier of waterborne resin technology” which “played a lead role in encouraging local companies to migrate to a more sustainable coating solution; one that releases up to eight times fewer VOCs than solventborne paint”.
DSM sought to spread its message as it helped to create the “Waterborne China Platform”, a collective non-profit made up of “leading locally based coating players”. This platform worked for several years to promote and advocate the use of “cleaner coating solutions by Chinese container manufacturers” all through the industry.
Through “years of hard work”, the aim of the platform is “being realized in the form of a 140-kiloton reduction in domestic VOC emissions”. At present, nearly ninety percent of the local industrial containers get painted with “waterborne coatings” which are “solventborne equivalents”.
When companies are on target to meet their sustainable aims without “compromising” on performance, the communities as well as the industry creates possibilities for healthy environment “in years to come”. You can now avail the “DSM Purpose Book” at the link given below: