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WaterPulse Irrigation Mat Replaces Walmart Associates


The installation of WaterPulse irrigation mats at Walmart’s various stores have reduced the quatity of water used and labour charges.

Dailycsr.com – 09 July 2015 – Business Wire reports from Longmont, Colorado, about the collaborated effort of Walmart and WaterPulse. The duo has been active in installing ‘irrigation mats’. Keeping the right summer season in mind, the WaterPulse Inc broke the news to the world, whereby the usage of water will be brought down in around “3,700 garden centers” situated “inside its stores across the U.S.”
The reduction of water usage in the field of irrigation has been achieved by introducing “WaterPulse™ irrigation mats”. The said technology will help in increasing the plants’ health which are being sold by the respective stores, besides it will curb the water usage of the stores significantly.
Prior to the implementation of the irrigation mat technologies, the thousands of plants situated at various garden centres were being watered manually by Walmart associates. However, after the installation of the mats, the scenario is otherwise. At present, the entire watering work is done by the mats. The mats are designed by keeping the water’s capillary action in mind, whereby the mats allow the soil to absord just the required amount of water, “no more, no less”.
The chairman and the C.E.O of WaterPulse, Jim Heffernan says:
“Walmart’s leadership in investing in a technology that dramatically reduces water consumption comes at an auspicious moment. Based on WaterPulse tests in other facilities, we estimate that by using our mats Walmart can dramatically cut water use in its garden centers at a time when states affected by drought are looking for ways to conserve water.”
Moreover, the “senior vice president” of the U.S. Walmart’s “Outdoor Living and Home” section, Marybeth Hays informs that:
“Implementing the WaterPulse irrigation mats in our garden centers will help us save millions of gallons of water, improve plant quality and enable our associates to spend more time where they are needed – helping our customers. We believe this – coupled with our broad assortment of plants at great low prices – gives our customers yet another reason to shop Walmart for their outdoor needs.”
Presently, the WaterPulse group has plans of installing “WaterPulse mats” in the new garden centres that are being built or would emerge in the near future. In fact, so far, the company records show that they have been busy setting up retail mats with “Vortex™ Injector systems”. The total number of such installation amounts to “500,000”. Furthermore, the total covered by the area of WarerPulse mat equals to “7.3 million square feet”.
In Heffernan’s words:
“Walmart’s results demonstrate the positive impact our product can make on water savings, along with plant sustainability. Our mats provide dramatic reduction in water usage in both retail environments and for the green houses and nurseries that supply them”.
The installation of the WaterPulse irrigation mats form part of WaterPulse’s mission of “environmental stewardship”, whereby the company focuses on sustainable practices along with emphasising on the field of “conservation by reducing water use in the horticulture industry”. The mimicry of the WaterPulse irrigation mats borrows the concept of water’s capillary action and makes use of it to allow the “natural capillary action of soil to move water to plants in the most efficient manner possible”.