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Waste Of One Farm Helps Another To Deliver On Sustainable Supply Chain


Healthy and rich flavours of California Pizza Kitchen add another dimension with responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chain.

Dailycsr.com – 27 February 2018 – While taking a bite of “California Pizza Kitchen’s Mushroom and Green Onion pizza” from that “hot slice” one doesn’t think of “mushroom farms, organic soil and sustainability”. However, Ryan Riddle says that:
“Next time, perhaps you will”.
The mushrooms thus used in pizzas come from “Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms” which is based out of Pennsylvania under a “cycle of care”, whereby supporting “organic farms” along the region of the “East Coast”. At Nestlé, the high quality of mushrooms coming from the farms is valued, as their “rich” flavour and the “nutritional boost” speak for them.
Nevertheless, Nestlé also reached out to “partners like Mother Earth” for creating a “chared value” that surpasses the products. Meghan Klotzbach is a sixth generation mushroom farmer at Mother Earth, who informs that at the beginning of the cycle, compost is developed for growing the mushrooms.
The compost is made up of “waste materials from other farms” including “hay, straw, cottonseed hulls, corncobs, chicken litter and horse manure”. This compost is called “substrate”, the development of which proves beneficial to farmers, besides reducing “landfill use” and producing mushroom that are healthy as well as tasty. In Klotzbach’s words:
“We’re paying them for waste materials, giving them added income so they can keep growing their business, and keeping waste out of the landfill”.