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Wastage Is A ‘Convenience’, Says Valerie Bennett


In order to realise the dream of sustainability, one has to first tackle with the problem of wastage.

Dailycsr.com – 29 May 2017 – According to Valerie Bennett, the issue of sustainability is like a gigantic mountain of ice that we as a race need to climb, she said:
“Strap on your crampons and grab your ice picks - we’ve got a mountain to climb! That’s right, I just decided that Mount Sustainability is made of ice. Just go with it”.
However, before we begin our arduous journey, we need to tackle with the “Zero Waste front”. Bennett thinks that out of “all seven fronts”, the zero-waste one is the “most well-traversed”. Explaining herself, she added:
“That’s because waste is fundamentally inefficient and can provide immediate financial benefits to those who can reduce it. I mean, who wants to buy food, water, electrons or stuff and not get what he or she paid for? It doesn’t even matter if you care about the environment – it just makes cents not to waste (okay, okay, even I admit that is a bad, overused pun)”.
Nevertheless, she reminds us that “waste has permeated our lives”, although from a “high level” she justify the same with “a few reasons”. Firstly, wastage is a convenience which the society prizes dearly. That is why we choose not to carry any “reusable fork” and accept the plastic one offered to us at restaurants which will then find a place in the bin.