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Want To Have A first-Hand Knowledge Of The Dangers Of Impaired Driving? – Join DSFL


DSFL summer camps are beginning “across six states”, teens are invited with their parents to experience the innovative curriculum wherein technology helps one to experience a situation wherein one feel “under the influence of alcohol”.

Dailycsr.com – 07 July 2015 – The month of summer announces the time for family holidays and school vacations; although over thousand five hundred teens in Dearborn, will have the opportunity to join free-camps, which are being organised “across six states”, wherein tips for safe driving will be taught, which would include:
“...how to handle a vehicle on slippery pavement or react to a deer or other animal in their path.”
The speciality of the camp of DSFL or “the Ford Driving Skills for Life” lies in the training of “dangers of impaired driving”. The said sessions will be conducted with the help of “a special suit and goggles” that would simulate the situation wherein one would experience the effects one undergoes after consuming alcohol or taking in drugs; consequently, the movements slow down, coordination fails and vision gets blurred. This first ever venture of DSFL is to begin on the 7th of July 2015 and would last till the end of August.
The manager of DSFL, Mr. Jim Graham explains:
“Our program is focused on providing young and inexperienced drivers with the training and tools they need to stay safe behind the wheel. We are excited to bring this program to these states for the first time as we look to provide an extra step in the learning process for new drivers.”
Mr. Jonathan Adkins, the executive director of GHSA, a partner of DSFL sates that:
“Summer is an especially risky time for teen drivers. More teen driving-related deaths tend to occur in June, July and August than any other month. So it’s particularly timely that Ford Driving Skills for Life is taking its show on the road, hitting six states during the heart of this dangerous driving season.”
There will be various stops for this summer camp which will devote “four half-day sessions”, whereby each will cover “the full DSFL curriculum of vehicle handling”, including:
“...hazard recognition, speed management and space management.”
Moreover, the Business Wire reports that in order to “address” various “startling statistics” which shows that death toll in car crash continues to be the “leading cause” of American teenagers’ death, DSFL summer camps are to
“...feature expanded discussion about impaired driving through the use of the special impaired driving suit and goggles.”
The parents are instrumental in shaping the personalities of an individual’s during his teenage, therefore, DSFL encourages parents also to take part in this summer camps along with their children, as the curriculum is also “relevant” to “experienced drivers”.
However, everybody is requested to only participate in one session, for the registration numbers are limited; besides one would require “signed consent forms” attached whereby “with a valid driver’s license or permit”.