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Walt Disney Conducts ‘Immersion Programme’ For School Girls


Introducing the curriculum of computer science, Walt Disney enters in a partnership with Girls Who Code.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2016 – On the 22nd of June 2016, the Company of Walt Disney inaugurated the “Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program”. The duration of the coding programme is seven weeks which will be held in the “Disney campus for high school girls”. The programme aims to introduce the girl students to the curriculum of computer science.
The organisation of “Girls Who Code” is a national non-profit one which strives to provide young women with education in the “computing related fields”, whereby the same has extended a partnership with the Walt Disney Company to welcome twenty upcoming high school juniors as well as seniors to take part in the “computer science immersion program”.  The Chief Technology Officer and the Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Studios, Jamie Voris, stated:
“We have put together an incredible program with Girls Who Code that will immerse the next generation of innovators in the magic of Disney. Helping develop the technology leaders of tomorrow is an area of focus for Disney, and we hope our inaugural class’s time with the company will inspire them and equip them with the skills they need for a future career in computer science.”
The students taking part in the programme will be exposed to more than three hundred hours of “computer science curriculum” which will include “web development and design, robotics and mobile development” besides venturing in technology oriented field trips to various Walt Disney locations like “Disneyland Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Imagineering, Research & Development, and The Walt Disney Studios”.
Moreover, top level executives and leaders from the Disney’s administrative chain will come to meet the students participating in the programme. The first five initial weeks will spent in developing the “fundamentals of programming platforms”, while the last two weeks have been kept aside for designing a “final project” with the help of their respective newly acquired “coding skills”, through which the candidates have to “highlight an important subject matter of their choice”.
On a concluding note, the programme will host a “graduation ceremony” in the month of July 2016, wherein the students will be given the opportunity to present their projects to “Disney executives, mentors and program instructors”.