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Walmart Along With Walmart Foundation To Continue To Support U.S. Citizen Fight Disaster


Through a generous grant of “$25 million” Walmart and Walmart Foundation extended its help to disaster relief activities along with creating a community prepared to battle disasters.

Dailycsr.com – 21 August 2015 – A five year commitment of “$25 million” has been announced by the Walmart Foundation and Walmart which also marks the tenth “anniversary of Hurricane Katrina”, whereby the fund will be supporting various organisations worldwide in “disaster recovery and resiliency efforts”. The C.E.O of “Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.” and its president Doug McMillon took to Instagram to break the news of commitment, whereby the Walmart Foundation will be investing an initial amount of “$500,000” which will be given in grants to some “local nonprofits in the U.S. Gulf Coast region”.
The announcement will be featured in the “Before. During. After.” forum, whereby Walmart will bring together various, business, non-profit and government leaders to share a reflection of the effects, losses, lessons, recovery process and damages caused by the Hurricane Katrina. This event will be an educative one as audiences will also be informed about the plans of the future disaster response arrangement. Moreover, a platform for a new research which is being conducted by the University of Louisiana State whereby gauging the disaster responses “since Hurricane Katrina” so as bring about facts answering the question “Are We Ready Now?”
The study has been funded by Walmart which will be recording academic insights and responses of the disaster victims who have firsthand experience of the subject. They will be giving their views on “the importance of formal public-private partnerships, technology innovations, preparedness and the power of heroes in disaster relief and resiliency”. So far, the results found shows that there is an increasing drive, especially Katrina other such “large scale emergencies” to increase awareness in order to cultivate a pre-requisite cautions and technological innovation through “public-private partnership” to better manage such situations.

In McMillon’s words:
“Hurricane Katrina touched our customers, associates, and communities in a profound way, and we haven’t forgotten. Working hand in hand with the people of the Gulf Region at that difficult moment showed us there are times when we can make a real difference. Today we’re gathering with leaders in New Orleans to reflect on the progress made since the storm and to make a $25 million commitment to disaster response and resiliency globally. We will continue to help communities prepare for - and recover from - the unexpected.”
Additionally, the Walmart Foundation and Walmart will announce another “$2.9 million” which will be used to prepare the U.S. communities to respond in a better way to any natural disasters with a collaborative drive including government, business and non-profit organisation. In order to create a community prepared face natural calamities new technologies and volunteer trainings will also have to be introduced.
Moreover, Landrieu added:
“When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Walmart was on the front lines of the response. Walmart opened make-shift stores, sent truckloads of supplies to our city, and activated associates on the ground to help those in need. In turn, they started to change the role of the private sector in disaster response. I’m proud to be here today with Walmart and emergency response thought leaders to reflect on lessons learned over the past 10 years. In addition, I look forward to commemorating this time in our history by supporting local neighborhoods during a Citywide Day of Service next week.”
Source: www.BusinessWire.com