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WBA’s 2019 CSR Report Details About The Initiatives Towards Global Healthcare & More


Providing access to “quality healthcare” doesn’t end with medicine it goes beyond. At WBA the attempt is to provide in-store mental and emotional support to patients while reaching out to women and children to provide them with vitamin dosages.

Dailycsr.com – 19 March 2020 – Last month, the Walgreens Boots Alliance, in short WBA, made an announcement to reveal the release of its “2019 Corporate Social Responsibility” report wherein the sustainability initiatives of the company taken on a global scale has been detailed which includes the attempts of improving “access to quality healthcare”, delivering support programme for patients with cancer and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
In the words of the Co-Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chairman of CSR committee at Walgreens Boot Alliance, Ornella Barra:
“Our purpose at WBA is to help people live healthier and happier lives. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential, regardless of where one lives. That’s why we mobilize our incredible employees and invest resources in issues that impact our patients, customers and society. We believe in our ability to effect positive change in communities around the world.”
A leading wholesaler and retailer of pharma industry, with its presence across twenty five countries, includes “Boots UK, Boots Ireland, Alliance Healthcare and Walgreens”. While among the highlight of the above mentioned CSR report is WBA’a effort to provide support to cancer patients. As a result, it has been working with beauty consultants as well as pharmacists for over a decade to provide “in-store advice to patients and customers on managing physical and emotional side effects” the disease and its treatments.
In the words of one such cancer survivor, Jonathan:
“The experience of cancer can be incredibly lonely. Being able to talk with a Boots pharmacist who understood what I was going through and could give me advice on how to manage my physical and emotional side effects helped me feel less lonely and gave me the confidence to tackle my diagnosis head on.”
Moreover, WBA is also committed to improve healthcare of people across the globe. It has been around six years that Walgreens teamed up with Vitamin Angels and together they have delivered vitamins to more than two hundred million women and children from all over the globe. While the Vitamin Angels Programme Manager for Asia, Dr. Nikhil Harikrishnan said:
“You cannot underestimate the impact of Walgreens partnership with Vitamin Angels. I have seen first-hand what a small intervention like a prenatal vitamin or vitamin A can do. We are literally changing lives, and that’s why the 200 million women and children impacted by our partnership is so incredible.”
Finally, the highlights also include WBA’s efforts to “reduce energy consumption” besides cutting down on the waste that the company sends to landfill, while empowering the customers and employees alike to inculcate environment friendly habits. The Managing Director for “Boots UK and Republic of Ireland”, Sebastian James said:
“In building the Covent Garden store, we wanted to design the Boots retail experience of the future, one built with sustainability front of mind. As a global business, we view sustainability holistically, from our supply chain to the in-store experience we deliver for customers. It’s all connected to our desire to operate as a responsible and best-in-class company.”