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Volunteers From Land Rover To Support Defender Challenge


The Defender Challenge to receive Land Rover employees’ volunteer service.

Dailycsr.com – 24 September 2015 – Bowler presents the Defender Challenge, which will take place for its fourth round during this weekend. There will be nine teams competing with each other at the “Trackrod Rally”. The said event is a part of the “annual Rally Yorkshire”. The rally course will meander through the countryside of Yorkshire providing “spectacular” sights stretching along for “53 miles” and is scheduled to last for “over two days”.
Land Rover has joined in the endeavour and the “Land Rover Defender 90” that was approved by FIA underwent modification, which was specifically conducted by “Bowler Motorsport” in order to make them suitable for the occasion. The modifications included, upgrade of engines to “170bhp and 450Nm of torque and the suspension system features uprated dampers and roll bars”. Moreover, lighter wheels were introduced along with a “full roll-cage” which also incorporated safety features as per specifications.
In support of Land Rover, its employees along with a number of apprentices will lend hand in the “Bowler technical teams” during the rally; while some enthusiasts have opted for volunteering in the Defender Challenge, which will be besides their daily work routine. In fact, the apprentices are the ones who will be exposed to “a unique and exhilarating experience” whereby they will get the chance to “enhance their apprenticeship programmes”.
The benefits of working under a competitive pressure will help to develop efficiency, speed, team spirit, as the apprectices will be employed to find “creative and innovative solutions to problems under pressure” while clock will continue to tick. The vehicle engineering manager at Land Rover, Lynfel Owen, stated:
 “The Defender Challenge rally vehicles are ideal for the apprentices to gain their early experience on. Its relative simplicity means that while still in training, the apprentices could face any number of challenges from swapping wheels to replacing axles, allowing their progression to more complex vehicles to be smoother. It also gives them experience of the tight time constraints that exist in motorsport, as well as a sense of achievement when their team and vehicle perform well in the Challenge.”
An apprentice of Jaguar Land Rover, Tom Gladwin recounted:
“As a child my dad took me greenlining and my family run a British Superbike team, which is where my passion for off-roading and motor racing started. Working on these cars made me feel completely at home. The skills I have learnt, those of team working, handling pressure, and back-to-basics engineering, have hugely helped me with my day job at Jaguar Land Rover.”
Only in the second year of the Defender Challenge, the competition will be held with thirteen teams. In fact, the platform of Defender Challenge will be a preparatory ground for the “larger international events” like “Dakar Rally and Africa Race”. However, tata.com informs that:
“Half-way through the season, Edd Cobley and John Tomley lead the championship table, having amassed a string of consistent victories and leading the table by 10 points. Now, with three rounds remaining and 21 points for a win, there is everything to play for and all teams have a chance at the title”.