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Volunteering Through Work-Place Is Not Limited To ‘National Volunteer Week’


Making a positive difference to the society is a continuous effort at Benevity.

Dailycsr.com – 04 May 2018 – The National Volunteer Week is an annual occurrence which happens only for a week in 53 weeks of the year. Therefore, one needs to ensure that the employees feel motivated to “make a difference” in the society by making use of the opportunity of volunteering through their work-place not only during the National Volunteer Week but to continue the same effort throughout the year.
Similarly, on April 17, 2018 Benevity extended invitation towards Prudential Financial’s “Spring Lacy and Amy Sulzman” along with “TELUS, Volunteer Canada and Realized Worth” to talk about the importance of engaging in volunteering activities to create an impact through “employee-first volunteer programs”.
In fact, the Benevity's #NVW2018 Twitter Chat not only covered the above mentioned topics but also touched upon many more issues. The recap of twitter chat is sharing the “highlights and key takeaways” of Benevity that wants to “support giving and volunteering throughout the entire year”.