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Vitafoam Au Secour To The Bako Haram Victims


In spite of “revenue losses”, Vitafoam extends a helping hand to Bako victims and assures the shareholders for a guaranteed increase of value.

Dailycsr.com – 06 July 2015 – Eromosele Abiodun informs that vinctims of Boko Haram receives relief materials donated by Vitafoam. The Vitafoam Nigeria Plc has been prompt in replying to the cry of “au secour” of the “victims of Boko Haram” as their duty towards “Corporate Social Responsibilities”. The Vitafoam has generously donated hundred “luxurious mattresses” along with hundred “pillows” to the people who were “internally displaced” or IDPs, who are in the State of Borno. The said donation took place through a non-governmental organization” named “The Oasis Association”.
According to Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi, the managing director of Vitafoam's Group, the mattresses and the pillows donated by the company will be an agent of alleviating “sufferings” who were forced to displace “by the insurgents”. Furthermore, he also thinks that the donation has facilitated as a medium whereby the company of Vitafoam could give back something to the society.
In Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi’s words:
"Oasis contacted us to partner with us by assisting in this regard. We believe that we are just contributing our part. We have been supporting victims of many disasters over the years and we have consistently spent millions of Naira annually. The significance of our donation of mattresses and pillows is better appreciated against the essence of comfortable sleep as a necessary condition for thinking better. As a good corporate citizen, we shall continue to support the needy".
Nevertheless, Adeniyi also adds that the operations conducted by Vitafoam in the norther region of the country also came under the affects of the Boko Haram’s activities. Consequently, the company had to face a revenue loss. Although, he explains that he is aware of the fact that it would not be possible for the government alone to address “the level of destruction” which was caused by “the insurgents”.
Moreover, he also urged the other “corporate bodies” to lend their hands in assisting the IDP “without further delay”. However, he also expressed his thanks to the government of the state of Borno for allowing the company of Vitafoam with the opportunity to aid the victims.
Mr. Adeniyi assured the company’s shareholders, while he commented on the operations of Vitafoam, that their investments will increase in value as the company of Vitafoam has invested itself through its activities by keeping the shareholders interest in mind so that they prove to be the beneficiary at the end.
Furthermore, Eromosele Abiodun writes:
"President, Oasis Association, an NGO, Air Vice-Marshal Olufemi Soewu explained that Oasis Association comprises professionals of various fields driven by selfless desire to assist humanity. The Association, he (Adeniyi) added, had assisted many victims of disasters including those that suffered at Ikeja cantonment some years ago, adding that annually, the NGO focuses on different sectors of the society."
Adeniyi informed that “The Association” was concentrating on the health sector the previous year, whereby it helped the patients suffering from tuberculosis. However, this year, the focus of the said group has turned towards the internally displaced people.