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VERGE 23: Accelerating Climate Solutions with Business Leaders and Startups


VERGE 23, which will be held from October 24-26, 2023 in San Jose, CA, is a prominent event dedicated to climate technology. Its primary objective is to accelerate the development of solutions for the most urgent challenges of our time. Serving as a hub for the climate community, VERGE 23 brings together leaders from various sectors, including business, government, solution providers, and startups, who collaborate to address the climate crisis.
The current era presents us with unparalleled challenges that also offer extraordinary opportunities to reimagine and transform our world into a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient place. VERGE 23 focuses on seizing these opportunities through its key programs: Buildings, Carbon, Energy, Food, Startups, and Transport.
Shana Rappaport, the Senior Vice President of Climate Tech and Executive Director of VERGE, emphasizes the abundance of technologies available to tackle the climate crisis. She states that scaling up these technologies in a timely manner is crucial, especially during this pivotal decade. VERGE serves as a platform for business and government leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors who aim to harness these solutions and create a world that thrives ecologically, prospers economically, and ensures social justice.
The program for this year's event is carefully designed to foster intimate connections at a larger scale. It provides numerous opportunities for attendees to establish meaningful relationships with potential customers, partners, and allies. These opportunities include small group discussions, roundtable lunches, topic-specific networking sessions, and more.
At VERGE 23, attendees will have the chance to engage with a wide range of cutting-edge climate tech companies. The largest-ever VERGE Expo will showcase interactive demonstrations of their leading climate tech solutions.
Moreover, this year's event seeks to ignite conversations and inspire change by transcending traditional boundaries. The venue will feature performances, installations, and digital artwork, harnessing the power of creativity to drive impactful discussions and transformative actions.