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Using Pro Bono Data Analytics To Rescue Military Families From Social Isolation


DCLA trains leaders to build stronger community network for military families and provides them with required tools and resources.

Dailycsr.com – 28 March 2018 – The families of military personnel may find it difficult to “establish trusted network” in their communities as they have to frequently relocate given changing deployment. As a result, many of the military find it difficult to face “social isolation”.
The “Blue Star Families and the Association of Defense Communities” came together, as the Booz Allen Hamilton provided a grant, for creating the programme of “Defense Community Leadership Academy”. The said programme will train “volunteer leaders” who in turn will “work” towards improving “military families’ quality of life”.
One day conference was arranged at the “DC Innovation Center” of Booz Allen, which was attended by eighty such “future leaders”. During the sessions, the future leaders received “tools and resources” which will help them to “build local support for military families”.
The “Military Family Lifestyle Survey” conducted by Blue Star Families gave birth to DCLA. Moreover, Booz Allen involved “pro bono data analytics” in the survey determining the “community-specific challenges” which the military families face, whereby giving shape to a “data-driven case” on the need of the military families. In the words of the senior vice-president at Booz Allen, Andrea Inserra:
“At Booz Allen, we see support for military families as integral to our mission to support military readiness.  A sustainable military isn’t possible without strong military communities and families.  Organizations like Blue Star Families and ADC are empowering military families to change their communities for the better using data and collective ingenuity. Of course we are thrilled to be a part of that.”
While, the chief executive officer at Blue Star Families, Kathy Roth-Douquet added:
“The Defense Communities Leadership Academy was an incredible and game changing opportunity to bring together emerging community leaders from local communities, and emerging leaders in the military family community to train them in how to better serve their communities and engage with each other. Having it at the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center set a high bar and an inspiring and aspirational tone. Blue Star Families, Booz Allen Hamilton, Association of Defense Communities, Defense Credit Union Council and USAA are the right partners to drive this kind of innovative solution for providing support to our military and their families in the communities in which they live.”