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Using Data To Bring In A Transformation Across The Supply Chain Tiers


Maintaining responsible business practice standards require transforming the traditional supply chain, whereby experts at Ethical Performance’s webinar explores the way with data as the agent of transformation.

Dailycsr.com – 29 September 2017 – On the 26th of September 2017, the Ethical Corporation has conducted a “live webinar” that dealt with the topic of methods of transforming “data across every tier” of supply chain.
It was an hour long webinar that began at “7am PST (3pm UK/ 10am EST)” in collaboration with “3M, Williams-Sonoma and SupplyShift”. Here is a list of learnings to take home from the webinar, as mentioned by the Ethical Performance:
  • Williams-Sonoma shares their approach towards industry standard compliance and traceability of wool to the source.
  • How 3M increases its upstream supplier visibility / traceability and streamlines supplier assessments to assess and reduce risk.
  • Best practice with SupplyShift to promote supplier benchmarking and supplier engagement across your supply chain tiers.
One avail the recording of the entire webinar at: