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Unveiling the Remarkable Achievements of Applebee's, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, and IHOP in the 2022 Dine Together, Grow Together Report


Experience the culinary empire of Dine Brands Global Inc, the visionary force behind renowned establishments like Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar®, IHOP®, and Fuzzy's Taco Shop®. Recently, they unveiled their highly anticipated 2022 ESG report, an immersive dive into their ongoing ESG adventure.

This illuminating document delves into the vital pillars of People, Planet, Food, and Governance, showcasing their unwavering commitment to a brighter future. Prepare to be captivated by their remarkable journey as they redefine excellence in the realm of hospitality.
"We recognize the important role our company and brands play in creating long-term sustainable value," said John Peyton, Dine Brands’ CEO.
"Our 2022 ESG report reflects our commitment to transparency and accountability as we strive to positively impact the world around us."
Here is the remarkable story behind Applebee's, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, and IHOP, where entrepreneurial spirits flourish and local communities thrive. As the majority of these iconic establishments are franchise-owned and operated, a powerful bond is forged between these restaurants and the neighborhoods they call home. Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the extraordinary achievements captured in the 2022 Dine Together, Grow Together report:
Great Place to Work Certification™: Experience the vibrant culture and harmonious environment that have earned Dine Brands this prestigious accolade, where every team member flourishes.
Food Donations: Witness the generosity of Dine Brands' Glendale Restaurant Support Center, Applebee's, and IHOP U.S. Franchisees and Distribution Centers, as they contributed a staggering 38 metric tons of nourishment to those in need.
Making a Difference: Delve into the philanthropic endeavors of Applebee's U.S. franchisees, who rallied together to raise over $1.3 million in support of the noble cause championed by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.
Children's Charities: IHOP U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada franchisees showcased their immense compassion by raising a remarkable $872,000 to empower children's charities and make a lasting impact in young lives.
Honoring Heroes: Witness the heartfelt gratitude extended by Applebee's and IHOP, as they served a staggering 592,000 complimentary meals to U.S. active-duty military personnel and veterans on Veterans Day.
Embracing Sustainability: Applebee's and IHOP lead the charge in environmental stewardship, boasting an impressive 91% EPS-free status, well on their way to achieving their goal of 100% EPS-free by 2023, a full year ahead of schedule.
Waste Diversion: Discover how former company-owned Applebee's restaurants diverted 29% (5,691 metric tons) of waste from landfills, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.
Water Conservation: Celebrate the profound impact of using more efficient dipper wells, estimated to save a staggering 911 million gallons of water annually.
Cage-Free Commitment: Witness the dedication to animal welfare as 22.3% of eggs utilized by Dine Brands exceeded the 2022 target of 20%, ensuring a brighter future for our feathered friends.
Prepare to be captivated as you embark on a journey of culinary excellence, unwavering compassion, and sustainable practices that define the essence of Dine Brands Global Inc. Together, we forge a path towards a brighter future, one neighborhood at a time.
"We are proud of the continued progress we are making," said Peyton. "We have a distinctive opportunity to make a meaningful impact and we are fully committed to our plans and the ESG work we are doing."
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