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Unlock Sustainability Success: Cisco's Takeback & Reuse Program, Refresh Opportunities, and Green Pay Incentives Await!


Cisco has maintained a longstanding commitment to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. Over nearly two decades, we have consistently set transparent goals, publicly declared our objectives, and diligently tracked our progress, holding ourselves accountable. Furthermore, we have implemented comprehensive programs to empower our customers in achieving their sustainability objectives.
Recognizing that sustainability is a collective effort, we understand the importance of collaboration and leverage our extensive partner network for success. Through collaboration with our partners, we foster innovation and garner support throughout the value chain. Cisco has developed various sustainability-focused programs to enable partners to offer end-to-end solutions with sustainability in mind, while also enhancing deal profitability.
In our pursuit of sustainability, Cisco has set an ambitious goal to achieve net-zero status by 2040. This commitment is not merely a statement but is backed by continuous improvement and innovation across all aspects of our business. Our focus remains on delivering tangible advancements validated by data, bringing us closer to achieving our sustainability goals and ultimately realizing our net-zero target.
These efforts have gained recognition, with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approving our net-zero goal. This validation underscores the robustness of our plan, the allocation of resources, and the soundness of our strategic approach. It affirms our dedication to meeting these targets and contributing to a more sustainable future.
For our partners, whether starting this sustainability journey or already investing, Cisco offers four key programs to collaboratively achieve sustainability objectives. One notable initiative is the Environmental Sustainability Specialization (ESS), launched in 2022. This program equips partners with Cisco-specific sustainability knowledge, covering essential terms, the technology behind our Sustainable Solutions, Cisco’s commitment to a circular economy, and supporting programs. Only one person in the company needs to complete this training and exam, with additional efforts in place to educate partner sellers on these topics for others in the partner organization. If you're not undergoing formal training, this blog provides a summary of the partner programs you can leverage.

Harness the Benefits of Cisco's Takeback & Reuse Program Plus Incentive
Integral to CEO Chuck Robbins' commitment, Cisco's Takeback and Reuse program play a crucial role in reclaiming 100% of customer gear at no cost, while offering partners enticing discount incentives. This initiative aligns with our dedication to achieving a circular economy, ensuring responsible end-of-life management for returned equipment, boasting an impressive 99.9% success rate in material recycling or reuse.
Partners can capitalize on this program by enjoying a stackable discount of up to 7% on Refresh deals, applied to new equipment when replacing older gear. To delve deeper into the details, we encourage you to explore our Takeback and Reuse Program page. It's important to note that this incentive is exclusively available to partners with ESS certification and program enrollment, so make sure your company is specialized to seize this opportunity.
Strategically Position Cisco Refresh Opportunities
With Takeback products, we capitalize on the chance to remanufacture gear based on their life stage, presenting them through the Cisco Refresh program. This refurbished gear supports the circular economy, meeting stringent quality and performance standards, and is readily available with no lead times. Opting for these products is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, contributing to a lower carbon impact compared to purchasing newly manufactured items. Explore the array of available products on the Cisco Refresh list – the more we take back, the more we can offer!
Utilize Cisco Green Pay for Sustainable Solutions
Cisco Green Pay, facilitated by Cisco Capital, offers a flexible payment plan for solutions designed with sustainability in mind, covering hardware, software, and services with a set contract term. At the term's end, Cisco reclaims the hardware, supporting the circular economy and contributing to a more sustainable lifecycle. Cisco's ownership guarantees gear return, ensuring a consistent refresh cycle and benefits akin to the Takeback program. All of this is extended to the customer with minimal effort required from partners, and customers receive a 5% discount when opting for Green Pay.
Let's Begin Making a Positive Impact on the Planet Together!
Ready to embark on this journey? Start by becoming specialized under the ESS and enrolling in the Takeback Program. Communicate your interest to your Cisco team, and rest assured that our partner sustainability specialists are available to assist you in integrating sustainability into your sales approach. Boost your confidence in discussing your customers' sustainability goals by researching their public sustainability objectives on their websites.
While we've made strides in achieving our sustainability goals, we acknowledge that there's more work to be done to ensure thriving people and ecosystems on a livable planet. There's no better time than the present to get started.
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