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United Health Foundation grants $125,000 for spouses in US Military


United Health Foundation provides $125,000 in grant for spouses in military families so that they can follow a career in healthcare.

The United Health Foundation, an active participant who through collaboration, outreach programs and grants partners with communities so as to build, improve and diversify our health workforce and thus enhance the social comfort levels of local communities. So as to strengthen and protect those families which have members serving in the armed forces, United Health Foundation has partnered with the National Military Family Association (NMFA), a NPO that works to protect and strengthen military families, to help military spouses pursue healthcare careers and has provided it a grant of $125,000 to this end.

In the previous year, United Health Foundation had also advanced NMFA a grant of $100,000 so as to help military spouses who are entering the mental health profession. The grant had eased to a great extent their financial burden. After assessing the results and effects of this initial grant, United Health Foundation, found it fit to broaden their funding levels so as to cater to more military spouses, who will bring their varied expertise to the health care profession.

There is a growing need for health care professionals who can cater to both and mental as well as physical requirements of a military community. In a recent study, which was sponsored by the United Health Foundation along with the Military Officers Associations of America, revealed that there is a growing need for providing culturally sensitive and competent evidence-based care, to veterans and members of the military.

The study, “Ready to Serve: An Assessment of Community-Based Provider Capacity to Deliver Competent, Quality Care to Veterans and Their Families,” reveals that there are only few community-based health care providers who can meet military cultural competencies or can use evidence-based approaches, in order to treat recurring and common health issues generally seen amongst veterans.

“United Health Foundation’s support helps level the playing field for spouses seeking careers despite the challenges of the military lifestyle, and spurs spouses into portable, high-demand fields that are essential to career continuity in our very mobile lifestyle. We are very proud to announce this grant as we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 8th,” said Joyce Raezer, the Executive Director of NMFA.

John Mateczun, M.D, who is UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans’ president said, “Military spouses often must make large sacrifices, and these scholarships support them in creating and developing their own career. We recognize the increasing demand for qualified health care providers to meet the unique needs of the men and women who have served our country. United Health Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to support NMFA and help foster a uniquely qualified and diverse health care work force to meet those needs.”

Erin Marden, a recipient of United Health Foundation scholarship for mental health counseling noted that the funds helped offset some hurdles of the military lifestyle. “It’s a challenge for spouses to continue education or a career while dealing with moving, deployments and reintegration. We moved from one small town to an even smaller, more rural area. It took months to find a job in an otherwise high-demand field, and when I did, I had to complete additional training and certification since the state I moved from had different licensing requirements. This funding reduced the financial burden created by some of the requirements I needed to become a counselor.”

Marden was gleefully happy vis-à-vis the ripple effect that these scholarships have had on her and on other military spouses and on the healthcare community. “I’ve seen service members acquire disabilities, family members struggle to adjust, and children that can benefit from counseling during deployments and while adjusting to frequent moves and new schools. It’s fulfilling to be a part of the health care industry and the healing process. NMFA and United Health Foundation invested in me, and I’m doing my absolute best to pay it as far forward as I can.”