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Transform Your Money Mindset: Free Webinar by Key4Women and Boldness Ablaze Coaching


KeyBank’s Key4Women is hosting a complimentary, hour-long virtual event titled “Mind Your Money Story: Stop the Scarcity Spiral and Confidently Ask for What You Want” on Friday, September 29th, at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The webinar will be led by Zovig Garboushian, the CEO of Boldness Ablaze Coaching.
Garboushian will guide attendees through understanding their personal relationships with money, their origins, and how to transform them to confidently pursue the financial rewards they desire and are worthy of.
The webinar will provide participants with:
  • Insight into their personal beliefs and narratives about money that may be hindering them, and how to confront these beliefs.
  • Four key mindset differences to aid in comprehending their financial relationships, including:
    • Scarcity versus Abundance
    • Niceness versus Clarity
    • Getting Paid versus Being a Creator
    • Desiring Money versus Being Prepared to Accept
    • Practical steps they can implement to start altering their thought patterns and actions concerning money.

“Women face many obstacles that prevent them from feeling confident financially,” said Rachael Sampson, Key4Women Leader while adding, “It is our hope that participants walk away with tips and tools to help them overcome those obstacles and feel secure with their finances. Key4Women is excited to bring Zovig to our audience and share her knowledge with us all.”
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