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Trane Stresses On The Changing Commercial Scenario With ‘Connected Building Technology’ At ‘EE Global Forum’ 2017


Management needs to turn to “effective models for energy management” in commercial building sector.

Dailycsr.com – 24 May 2017 – Trane is among the “leading” companies that provides “indoor comfort systems and services” and forms part of the “Ingersoll Rand” brand, whereby it took part in the panel discussion of “EE Global Forum” for the year of 2017 that was held in “Washington D.C., on May 8 at 1:15pm ET”.
The said discussion went under the name “No More Status Quo: Are Technologies Disrupting Conventional Models”, wherein Trane’s Director of Energy Services, Brad Trevillian, dealt with subjects like the efficiency of “connected building technology” for commercial sectors, besides “how the transition to an integrated systems and services model is transforming the industry”.
In Trevillian’s words:
“In order to transform the industry and build new, effective models for energy management, we must look beyond individual system efficiency. By focusing on the customer experience and making it easy for facility teams to gather and analyze data within their building systems, we can show measurable results that can be replicated across other industries.”
Throughout the world, buildings take up a major part of energy consumption, as in the U.S. over forty percent of the energy consumption take place by the buildings. Moreover, Ethical Performance added:
“With 60 percent of that total coming from heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems, there is a great opportunity for facility management teams to improve energy management efforts to drive efficiencies by improving the efficiency of their operations”.
Trevillian also stressed upon the point that the “connected buildings” are changing the management scenario for commercial buildings. Moreover, Trevillian also shared:
“…how Trane is evolving beyond the mechanical systems to connect the building and other important systems together, which help drive efficiency and provide real results for organizations who have sustainability efforts”.