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Timberland’s ‘Earth Week Celebration’ Pledges For Impactful Changes To Save The Earth


Recycling habits, challenges as well as stopping the use of one time useable plastic objects, allows the employees at Timberland to become more conscious of their environment.

Dailycsr.com – 14 June 2017 – Timberland is a global brand for “outdoor lifestyle”, whereby the company just finished its annual “Earth Week Celebration”, marking the second such festival for the company that took place in its headquarters at New Hampshire.
In the course of the celebration, various “educational events” were organised to establish a “better understanding” of the company’s as well as its employees’ “environmental footprint”. Basing on this “understanding”, the employees at Timberland set out to explore “new ways” that would take forward the “legacy of protecting and restoring the outdoors” at Timberland.
Talking about the “positive changes” immediately made effective in this Earth Week, Timberland informed that one of its employee, pained by the film “A Plastic Ocean”, sought to address the issue of “global plastic waste”. As a result, a request came to Timberland’s cafeteria for switching “all plastic straws” with “paper straws”. Following the requisition, within a week’s time, Timberland replaced “plastic straws” with “compostable, vegetable- based straws”. In the words of the Environmental Stewardship Manager at Timberland, Zack Angelini:
“Don’t underestimate the ripples created by simple efforts to raise awareness. I am inspired by the impact of this year’s Earth Week events. A straw isn’t a big item by itself, but when you use 24,000 of them each year, they really add up. It’s been remarkable to see employees step up, take ownership, and drive change here at work and in their personal lives. That’s really what Earth Week is all about.”
Moreover, through the “Kick the Can” challenge employees had to “turn in their desk trash cans” besides signing in a “pledge” for selecting the “right bin” during trash disposal. In fact, Timberland is now looking into centralising “waste collection”, thus eliminating the need for “deskside trash cans”. If this shift takes place, it could influence the employees into recycling habits. While, Angelini added:
“At Timberland we strive to be Earthkeepers in everything we do, and Earth Week 2017 set a high bar in terms of generating meaningful action. The week not only inspires action in what we do here in the office or at our homes, but it further motivates us to continue designing products with the environment in mind.”