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Timberland Organises Webinar For Creating ‘Risk-Free Supply Chain’


The webinar held to discuss the risks of supply chains, whereby making the same a safe transaction channel, included various sub topics related managements to help realise the same.

Dailycsr.com – 10 March 2016 – On the 1st of March 2016, Timberland held a live seminar through webcam with its Sustainability Director along with “Maersk’s Head of Responsible Procurement”.
The agenda of the said webinar revolved around the discussion on creating a supply chain which will be free of risk. Furthermore, the sub topics of the discussion included “circular economy principles” which can help the viewers to manage better the processes of their respective supply chain, the “best practices” in regards to the management of “high risk suppliers” whereby to mitigate one of the “biggest threats” that poses on the supply chain, besides the innovative technologies of the future with can potentially “disrupt supply chains”.
Furthermore, the Ethicalperformance reported that the preview release of the webinar had also synced “with the announcement that Harry Patuszek, VP of Enterprise and Community Development at PYXERA Global will speak at the 2016 Responsible Business Summit this June 7 and 8 on ways to create a risk-free supply chain”.
The Responsible Business Summit has been organised by Ethical Corporation which is a “partner of PYXERA Global”, whereby the summit provides a platform for bringing together more than four hundred “responsible brands” to London in attempt to provide “cutting-edge insights” in various fields that incorporate “the Global Development Goals and climate change, business risk, and customer behaviour”.