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Timberland Inaugurates Its First Project Under Its Urban Greening Initiatives


Timberland delivers on its first restoration and creation of green spaces.

Dailycsr.com – 21 September 2016 – Timberland in association with its partner GrowNYC, a local non-profit, has inaugurated its first project after its completion as a part of its “five-year commitment”, whereby Timberland will restore and create “green spaces starting with New York City”.
The volunteers from the said partnership turned a vacant Mott Haven Neighborhood’s plot in “South Bronx, New York”, into a vibrant garden for community use. The transformation project dealt with a “32,000 sq-ft space” neglected land which was damaged by fire, wherein the volunteers from Timberland sowed and nurtured “beds of growing vegetables” and laid down picnic tables and created a place for community enjoyment.
The next place for Timberland’s restoration project will hit the city of Philadelphia. In the coming five years, Timberland will be creating and restoring some green spaces which either match or exceed “its own retail footprint” in that city. In the words of Atlanta McIlwraith:
“At Timberland, we are Earthkeepers. Service is truly a way of life for us  and there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to serve side by side with business partners and community members and to see our efforts literally come to life with all of these vegetables growing in the beds built by volunteers. Green spaces in urban areas are so important as they create safe places for community gatherings and kids to play, increase access to locally-grown produce and strengthen communities overall. It’s been amazing to kick off our commitment in the Big Apple and we look forward to supporting Philadelphia in its greening efforts next year.”
The “urban greening commitment” of Timberland includes “employee and business partner volunteers” alike, under its “Path of Service™ program” which began in the year of 1992. Employees up to the forty years’ of age take part in voluntary services every year.