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Timberland Fashions Shoes From Plastic Pollutants


Timberland keeps plastic bottles away from entering the oceans.

Dailycsr.com – 21 July 2019 – Timberland continues to build upon its commitment of making responsible products. As a result, Timberland has taken in over three hundred and forty million plastic bottles that could pollute the environment and given them new life.
These rescued plastic pollutants were used to create Timberland new line of shoes. This means, Timberland made sure that “7.5 million pounds of plastic” do not end up as landfill or find their way to the oceans.
Timberland efforts to recycle three hundred and forty million plastic bottles and turning them into shoes have been a steady initiative over the last ten years. For viewing the Timberland Boots’ line made from recycled plastics, kindly click on the link provided below:
For further information on Timberland’s sustainable initiatives, please visit the following link: