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This Holiday Be A Giving Instrument


Wells Fargo spreads happiness this festive season by “delivering food to underserved populations”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 December 2018 – Tim Rios used to accompany his parents for “food shopping” in his childhood. However, he also recalls that some of the supermarket alleys were forbidden for him and his sibling as the parents feared that they might “get tempted by unhealthy snacks”. Also there was another fear that the children might ask for foods which the family budget wouldn’t allow.
Tim Rios’ family moved to Mexico sometimes in early 80’s and he said:
“My parents worried all the time about getting enough healthy food on the table. When I got married, for the first year, I would ask my wife for her permission to open a bag of chips."
At present, Rios has established himself well in the corporate realm as he spent twenty one years working at Wells Fargo. Currently, he is currently at the post of Well Fargo’s “Senior Vice President of Community Relations”. However, he often meets families who are troubled about arranging their next meal and Wells Fargo informs that it is “something that affects one out of every eight Americans—and one out of every six households in the Latino community”.
In 2018 holiday festivals, Wells Fargo and Rios have collaborated with Feeding America to address the issue of hunger across the country. While, the Wells Fargo Foundation’s President, Jon Campbell said:
“Hunger is everywhere, every day, and together, we can make a difference. We’re helping to fulfill one of the most basic human needs. Being hungry, or at risk of hunger, can seriously affect mental and physical health, school and job performance, and opportunities for future economic prosperity.”
And in the words of the chief development officer at Feeding America, Andy Wilson’s words:
“We're working to end hunger today as well as end hunger tomorrow”.
In fact, Rios further informs that:
“Feeding America knows how to do this. They know about the needs of communities. They deliver in urban areas. They deliver in rural areas. We're working with an organization that knows how to get food in the hands of low- and moderate-income people and the families that need it the most.”
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