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The Youths of Colorado Receives The Guidance In Skill Development & Education


Bloomberg along with Denver helps Colorado to create successful economic leaders for the future.

Dailycsr.com – 27 September 2016 – In the state of Colorado, be it non-profit, government, or business communities, all recognise the “value” of collaboration, whereby opportunities for all can be created. When this happens, it doesn’t matter where one lives and who one really is.
Nevertheless, amidst this underlying understanding, the state too feels the pressure and faces the “challenges of building leaders” who will deliver “economic success” just like “other states”.
Bloomberg, under its “Bloomberg's Philanthropy & Citizenship” campaign, however, provides one such example which deals with the “economic future for young Coloradans”:
“Less than one in four students entering high school today will obtain a college degree or post-secondary credential. Yet, college or formal training beyond high school is needed for nearly nine out of 10 good, well-paying jobs”.
Therefore, Bloomberg draws our attention towards the development of skills as well as the need of proper education as the call of the hour for the youths of Colorado. Click here to learn more about this endeavour undertaken by Dimon and Bloomberg.