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The Winner Of 19th SJWP Ceremony Has Been Praised By Xylem


Mr. Alagappan invents a water filter that can remove heavy metal contaminant from water, whereby he receives the SJWP award.

Dailycsr.com – 29 August 2015 – Being a world leading water Technology Company, Xylem has dedicated itself for fixing most challenging global water issues. The company has congratulated the Stockholm Junior Water Prize contests 2015’s winner, Perry Alagappan who lives at Houston, Texas. The SJWP is amongst the “most prestigious international” competition held between students for researches on water related topics. Mr. Alagappan is the winner of 19th SJWP ceremony which was celebrated at Stockholm.

The winning project of Mr. Alagappan is titled:

“Novel Renewable Filter for Heavy Metal Removal: A Practical Application of Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.”
The growing technology that has brought with it the growing “electronic waste”, whereby polluting water bodies with heavy toxic metals like lead, mercury and cadmium, caught the attention of Mr. Alagappan. Consequently, he turned to nanotechnology and water and by combining his interest on both these fields he began to conduct “intensive research”. He then came out with “a first-of-its-kind filter” which is capable of extracting “more than 99 percent of heavy metal contaminants” from industrial as well as drinking water.
Mr. Alagappan received the honour of the U.S “top prize” from the Sweden’s “H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria”, whereby he obtained a sum of “$15,000” along with a “prize sculpture”. Additionally, the school of Mr. Alagappan is to also be awarded an amount of “U.S. $5,000”. It has been nearly twenty years, since the SJWP ventured on this journey and it is from that period of time, right from the beginning, Xylem has been sponsoring the competitions. At present, students from thirty different countries take part in SJWP contest. Moreover, Xylem chief executive officer cum the president, Patrick Decker stated:

“As a long-standing supporter of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, we continue to be inspired by the ingenuity and passion of all these bright students, who bring fresh perspectives to address some of the world’s most daunting water challenges”. At Xylem, we are committed to supporting initiatives such as the Stockholm Junior Water Prize that will help advance these innovative ideas to solve global water issues.”
Furthermore, the BusinessWire enlists other candidates who have been recognised by the jury which included “Katherine Araya and Katya Urqueta from Chile”. The said participants were honoured with “Diploma of Excellence” for their project of improving the efficiency of water usage in agriculture. In fact, their project, writes BusinessWire also:
“...addressed global and local issues of food and water security, as well as the preservation of agricultural land”.
The said project involves a fungus use which grows on “an Antarctic root”. The usage of the fungus can help reduce the amount of watering needed for growing lettuce. The Diploma of Excellence honoured the winners with “U.S. $3,000” award.

Informing about the SJWP competition, BusinessWire states that:

“The international SJWP is presented each year to students between the ages of 15 and 20 for outstanding water-related projects that focus on topics of environmental, scientific, social or technological importance. Winners from 29 countries competed for the international honor, which was awarded by an international jury of water professionals and scientists”.