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The Water Replenishment Goal of Coca Cola Remains Strong Even in 2015


The Coca Cola Company continues to replenish various communities by supplying back the treated water that was used in manufacturing process.

Dailycsr.com – 26 August 2015 – The 2020 water replenishment goal set by The Coca-Cola Company along with its partners have proclaimed that they are progressing in schedule to meet their goals by 2020. Thanks to the said initiative, the company has been:
“…balancing the equivalent of an estimated 94 percent of the water used in its finished beverages based on 2014 sales volume”.
Moreover, the company has also replenished an estimated amount of “153.6 billion liters” starting from the year of 2004, whereby supplying fresh water through “209 community projects” spread across “61 countries”. According to BusinessWire, the Coca Cola system has “returned” a huge quantity of water that used during manufacturing of product back to the environment by introducing wastewater treatment in the year of 2014. Consequently, over time the company became the first among the beverage industry to treat its used water so as to return the same to nature and communities around the manufacturing units.
The C.E.O cum the chair person of the company, Muhtar Kent commented saying:
“There is no resource more precious to human life and the health of our global ecosystems and economies than water. As a consumer of water, the Coca-Cola system has a special responsibility to protect this shared resource. This is why we set an aspirational goal of being water neutral by 2020. While we have made significant progress toward making that goal a reality, we are more intent than ever to give back the equivalent of all the water that we use to communities and nature. And we will continue to do so after we meet the 100 percent goal.”
The replenishment projects initiated by the company of Coca Cola increases water efficiency usage practices, along with giving the natural resource back to the surrounding municipality supply system and watersheds through wastewater treatment. This endeavor also promotes local community “water projects” which are focused on improving sanitation, encouraging safe water culture, “protecting watershed”, spreading awareness on various water issues along with “supporting water conservation” movements.
The bottling partners of Coca Cola also work in collaboration to effectuate various projects which are aimed to promote sustainability “within communities over time” which in turn can ensure a continuous supply of replenished water. The company keeps coming up with new projects to address local water issues, like vulnerabilities of water sources against balancing the growing water requirement of the company as it “continues to grow each year”.

The president and the C.E.O of The Nature Conservancy, shortly known as TNC, Mark Tercek adds:
“More and more companies now recognize that factoring nature into their decision-making is a smart business strategy. Coca-Cola’s commitment to water underscores that investing in nature can produce very positive returns for businesses and local communities. TNC is proud of its collaboration with Coca-Cola and congratulates the company and its bottling partners on a very significant achievement.”