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The ‘Training With Industry Program’ Enables Sodexo To Share Its Expertise With The United States Army


It is a “tremendous opportunity” for “Chief Warrant Officer Four Joey Espanola” to learn from an industry leader’s “best practice”.

Dailycsr.com – 03 January 2018 – Sodexo is a company that provides “food services” and manages facilities. At present, the company is working “directly with the United States Army”, whereby supporting the latter’s “Training With Industry Program”, a “highly coveted” one. The said initiative creates “a group of soldiers” who receive experience in “higher level managerial techniques”, while they are also trained to have “an understanding of the relationship of their industry” for it caters to specific Army functions.
The above mentioned programme, namely “Training With Industry”, had begun sometimes in the 1970’s for the Army needed address the critical requirement of officers who possess “state-of-the-art skills in industrial practices and procedures” that are not available in any other “military or civil education programs”.
It is through this programme that “Chief Warrant Officer Four Joey Espanola” joined Sodexo for a year, and the “largest federal foodservice contractor” welcomes the officer and invites him to “explore different aspects of Sodexo’s business”. In his words:
“The Training With Industry Program offers me a tremendous opportunity to learn best practices from a leading organization in my industry. Not only will this year-long program allow me to grow both as an Army officer and foodservice professional, but the lessons I learn from Sodexo and its talented team of professionals will directly benefit the Army and the way we operate”.
Esanol has served at the Fort Irwin of California as the “Installation Senior Command Food Advisor”, whereby he is ready to “take a deep dive” into the procurement as well as “offer development processes” at Sodexo. While, the chief executive officer of “Sodexo Government, North America”, Deborah Roberts, explained:
“When the opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance to share our expertise with the Army through the Training With Industry Program. As an organization that works directly with multiple military branches, we understand how industry best practices can benefit those groups. We are excited to have Chief Warrant Officer Four Espanola join our team for the next year. We will both share learnings as he explores the many different facets of our offer development process”.
According to Ethical Performance:
“With more than 40 years of experience working municipal, state, federal and military clients, Sodexo’s Government segment and its nearly 3,000 employees, improve the Quality of Life for the people it serves at 150 military and U.S. Federal Government locations in 26 states. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Sodexo provides a variety of integrated food and facilities management solutions and is the nation’s largest federal foodservice contractor – serving 45.6 million meals annually with a focus on wellness and nutrition”.