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The Title Of ‘Responsible Business’ For The Year Of 2016 Goes To Veolia


Veolia’s responsible thinking in conducting business earns a flagship honour.

Dailycsr.com – 22 July 2016 – “Business in the Community” has revealed the winner. The much waited “flagship award” of “Responsible Business” in the year of 2016, has been awarded to “Veolia”, a “global resource management company”.
On the 11th of July 2016, in London’s O2 at a Gala Diner celebration the honour was presented to Veolia, which was judged on the basis of organisations that conduct their business “in a sustainable and responsible way”. The event was attended by almost “1,600 guests” who came from media, business communities, government, NGOs and other organisations. The said event occurring annually emphasised the importance of responsible business strategy that in turns effects the environment and the community around.
The said award is a recognition of the role of Veolia in transforming its business operations “into a resource management company”, whereby it has committed itself to “the circular economy”. Moreover, the said award aims at businesses like Veolia, “that are creating long-term sustainable value”. 
The Responsible Business award particularly focuses on businesses those have an embedded “sustainable approach to their core decision making”, whereby helping to create a “stronger society” through their operations. The senior executive VP, at U.K & Ireland branch of Veolia, Estelle Brachlianoff commented on the award:
“Winning this award shows how our 14,000-strong team has made responsible thinking part of how we do business.  We are committed to saving resources, carbon reduction and building a sustainable future, and investing in communities through apprenticeships and employing people from marginalised groups.”
While, the chief executive at “Business in the Community”, Stephen Howard, stated:
“The Responsible Business Awards provide the proof that from the largest global multinational to the smallest local firm, business is a powerful force for good in society. This year we have seen some profound examples of what business can achieve when it puts responsibility at the heart of its operations. I congratulate Veolia for the practical action it has taken to build a fairer world and more sustainable future."
Veolia helps the U.K. by recycling waste, treating and managing water supply, besides “generating low carbon and renewable heat and electricity”. Likewise, Veolia also provides “new materials to industry” and by cutting down emissions contributes in mitigating “climate change” and in preserving “precious resources for future generations”.