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The ‘Southern Nevada Recycling Centre’ Of Republic Services Receives The Pioneer Award


The confluence of sustainability, efficiency, conservation, and preservation, created the positive impact of the recycling centre.

The ‘Southern Nevada Recycling Centre’ Of Republic Services Receives The Pioneer Award
Dailycsr.com – 30 March 2017 – The Republic Services was awarded the “Pioneer Award” for its “Southern Nevada Recycling Centre” by “BOMA’s TOBY” awards, whereby the said recognition goes to the building which has a significant contribution towards the “improvement and enhancement of a community”.
In honouring excellence in the field of “commercial real estate industry” TOBY awards is counted as the “highest” as it also takes into consideration “commercial building management and operations”. Depending on the impact made on the community, the “tenant/employee relations programs”, besides the building’s “energy management systems, accessibility, emergency evacuation procedures”, clubbed with “building personnel training programs and overall quality indicators” determine the judging format.
The “Southern Nevada Recycling Centre” has under it over “535,000 households” spread across the area, whereby it includes “the cities of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas and Henderson, as well as Clark County”. Moreover, there are expectations of accommodating “future growth in the Valley” with an “increased residential, commercial and industrial recycling demands throughout Southern Nevada”.
The recycling centre occupies an area of “110,000 square foot” and “features an interactive Learning Centre”. Visitors can directly see the recycling process safely from the “observation deck”, while “educational videos, interactive visual displays and information on recycling and sustainability” available at the centre creates a holistic information base. Visitors, locals and tourists with an interest in sustainability come from around the globe to visit the “first-of-its-kind” learning centre.
According to the Ethical Performance:
“The Recycling Center can process more than 2 million pounds of recyclables per day, the equivalent weight of 500 automobiles.  The Center features a large rooftop solar energy system comprised of 1,776 panels (315 watts) to harness the renewable resource.  Over the next 30 years the buildings solar energy system will offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to 43,542 barrels of oil used and 38 million miles driven by local motorists”.
Recycled as well as “repurposed” materials along with various “sustainable elements” went into the making of this building, as seventy five percent of the steel used in the building construction come from a “recycled and remanufactured” source. During the planning of the building the natural landscape that surround it were given importance as a result of which the natural landscape has been “preserved and repurposed” by connecting the flood channels around the complex.
In an attempt to conserve water “efficient automatic low-flow fixtures” were used, whereby the consumption came down over twenty percent. Besides the building also has high “solar reflectance index roof materials” which minimises the “heat retention in the building”.