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The Second Environmental Award Bagged By Reynolds


The RJ Reynolds Group of Company has been honoured by yet another “environmental award” for its successful practices of recycle-processes.

Dailycsr.com – 02 July 2015 – Due the consistent green practices of environmental sustainably by the company of R.J. Reynolds has bagged yet another “environmental award”. This has been the second year “in a row” for the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to be honoured by the “Forsyth County, N.C.”
As mentioned earlier, the said honour has been bestowed upon the Tobacco Company of Reynolds as a mark of respect for “its achievements” in the fields of “environmental sustainability”. Every year, Forsyth County’s “Board of Commissioners” along with the “Environmental Assistance” of the county and the members of the “Protection Board” choose either a non-profit organization, a business, a government branch or simply a “member of the general public” to award the special environmental award.
The recipient of the award gets recognised for successfully implementing “significant waste reduction projects and innovative programs”, the like of which will help in reducing polluting carbon footprints along with bringing in environmental improvements in the County of Forsyth.
In fact, the company of R.J. Reynolds has been the sole figure in the industry sector of the Forsyth County which received the said award for its green achievements in the year of 2013. The chairman of the “Environmental Assistance”, Mr. Peter DeVries along with the Protection Board’s presence the award was presented to the group of Reynolds. The award function was held on the 20th last November 2014 “at a Forsyth County Board of Commissioners meeting”.
However, the company of R.J. Reynolds arrived at a “recycling landmark” in the year of 2013, whereby it started on a partnership journey with a foreign company which continues to incorporate “100 percent of Reynolds’ dry particles of fine tobacco waste into a waste-solidification process”.
It has proven to be a conservation project which enables “the partner company” to utilise the by-products of the said process, like “tobacco waste”, which would otherwise have “little value”. Moreover, other by-products, such as “wood particles”, having more value over the former waste product, are used to create “particle board”. The said initiation has permitted the company of Reynolds to monitor “80 tons per month of waste out” from going into landfills, the list of which includes:
“...floor sweepings, recovered and rejected tobaccos, and dust from more than 100 dust collectors in its manufacturing processes”.
Reynolds’ vice president of manufacturing unit, Johnny Cagigas says:
“We are delighted that R.J. Reynolds has been recognized two consecutive years for efforts in conducting our business responsibly and successfully. We have proven that successful businesses can be aligned with environmental sustainability. We are committed to remaining focused on improvements in our environmental performance.”
At present the company carries “approximately 15 million pounds of material” for recycle purposes on an annual basis. This second award in a row has been preceded by “the award for recycling of packaging materials from making and packing in Tobaccoville” in the year of 2012, which brought in a substantial reduction in the waste amount that were being to the landfill of the Forsyth County.