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‘The Ripple Effect’ Campaign To Encourage Children Towards Healthy Hydration Habits


In order to encourage healthy hydration habits in children Nestlé begins its “The Ripple Effect movement” campaign.

Dailycsr.com – 02 October 2015 – The new campaign of “Nestlé’s Pure Life® Purified Water” will encourage the children “to drink more water” which was announced by the company. As per a recent “Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health” study almost fifty percent of children and adolescents do not receive “enough hydration”. Nevertheless, even mild dehydration can be the cause for various health issues like irritability, “reduced cognitive functioning”, headaches and “poor physical performance”.
There are many benefits to early healthy habits of proper hydration intake, as:
“...A recent survey conducted for Nestlé Pure Life found that 97 percent of moms believe that one healthy choice leads to making other healthy choices — the brand calls this The Ripple Effect,2 and the brand is taking this opportunity to remind consumers that water is an easy and healthy choice to make”.
After-School All-Stars has been roped into the project of “The Ripple Effect movement” whereby the former provides “comprehensive after-school programs” on a national level. Likewise, Nestlé has taken up the responsibility of providing almost “a million 8-ounce servings of Pure Life Purified Water” to school children. After-School All-Stars’s president cum C.E.O Ben Paul states:
"Our mission has always been to help children succeed in school and in life, and healthy lifestyle choices are a key part of that. We are thrilled to encourage healthy hydration habits by partnering with Nestlé Pure Life, and thankful that they've been able to provide our kids with water and refillable bottles to keep them hydrated — from the classroom to the after-school activities that they pursue."
According to the survey, thirty three percent of mothers admit that making their kids to drink water is one of the “common struggle(s)” that they face regularly, while it is comparatively easier to convince the latter to have breakfast or do more exercise for that matter. In Robin Plotkin’s words:
"Keeping kids hydrated isn't always easy especially with hectic schedules and the daily grind of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although it can be a struggle, the importance of encouraging those healthy habits early on can have meaningful results that serve as building blocks for a healthy lifestyle."
The survey reveals that children who are “drink 4 or more glasses of water a day” mostly show healthy signs like drinking water on their own when they are thirsty, consuming vegetables, fruits during meals and showing preference towards “healthy school lunch options”. Additionally, Nestlé Pure Life will also provide resources to the children and their mothers for encouraging “healthy hydration”. Nestlé Waters North America’s senior brand manager, Helene Lee comments:
"As part of our work with the Partnership for a Healthier America's (PHA) Drink Up Initiative, Nestlé Pure Life has been committed to helping kids drink more water as part of their efforts to help establish healthy habits with children early on. Through The Ripple Effect, we're giving moms the support they need to help their kids make healthier choices — ones that will benefit them throughout their lives. With the help of After-School All-Stars, we're empowering moms and kids to make healthy hydration a part of their everyday routine."
While director of PHA, Bonnie McLaughlin says:
"Our mission is to encourage everyone to drink more water, and we're thrilled to see our partners at Nestlé Pure Life helping to aid those efforts through their work on The Ripple Effect program”.