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The Ocean League: Exploring Imagery & Storytelling For Ocean Conservation


Utilising the power of creativity to change the world.

Dailycsr.com – 29 October 2020 – A new “global awareness campaign” called the “Ocean League” used Adobe tools to spread awareness about “ocean protection” through creativity. Moreover, the movement also aims to collect over a million pledges for influencing the policymakers at 2021 U.N. event.
Adobe Sign has powered the Ocean League Pledge which resonate people’s sentiment for a better “ocean protection”. In fact, Adobe has designed “Adobe Photoshop Camera”, special ocean design themes which allows all to “express their creativity” and support the cause visually.
Lindsay Morris from Adobe Stock caught up with “Richard Vevers of Chasing Coral and Julie Lake of ‘Orange Is the New Black’” to discuss about the “power of imagery” and how creative can play a role in brining a change into this work besides exploring the creative initiative “The Ocean League”. Talking about his begging with the initiative, Vevers added:
“The inspiration for The Ocean League came from the film Chasing Coral. We had been racing around the world photographing what was happening to coral reefs and the mass die-off caused by climate change, and we wanted to do something to help on a large scale. What is really needed to save ecosystems such as coral reefs is global government action. And to get policymakers’ attention, you need to come up with a unique approach. We want to show creative support for coral reef conservation and ocean protection, and that's really what The Ocean League is all about”.
While, Lake on the other hand recounted her involvement with the project:
“I am an ocean lover. I love to snorkel and swim and scuba and surf. If I could live in the ocean, I would. I watched Chasing Coral, and at the end of the movie, [Vevers] shows the culmination of [his] work with the before-and-after images of the bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef. It was so devastating to see. It’s unbelievable that it’s happening so fast and it’s happening in our generation. It isn’t like it’s happening 50 years from now or 100 years from now. It’s happening right now, and those images moved me so much. At the end of the movie, I think it said, ‘If you want to help, go to this website,’ and I thought, OK, I'll go to that website! Through that I got in touch with Richard, and it all happened from there”.
While Morris also finds it “rewarding” to get Adobe on board which equips storytellers with the tools to “create rich, immersive stories that can help inform, educate and ultimately sustain a world impacted by overlapping crises”. Furthermore, Morris added:
“The Ocean League campaign is an amazing example of creative storytelling. The Photoshop Camera lenses we’ve developed that allow people to show their support for ocean protection are inspiring, fun and optimistic, but they also have a really important message. Same with the pledge powered by Adobe Sign. We want people to really think about what they’re supporting and how they can make a difference just by raising their hand, signing their name and sharing it within their network. At Adobe, we know that creativity has the power to change the world”.
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